Cancellation Policy :

  • Once the booking is done: Deduct 30% package cost, balance refund.
  • 30 days prior to departure: Deduct 40% of package cost, balance refund.
  • 15 Days prior to departure: Deduct 75% of package cost, balance refund.
  • 10 Days till the date of departure: 100% of package cost, no refund here.
  • Base category rooms will be booked in Hotels until and unless specified in the quotation. In case the rooms are not available in selected hotel, rooms shall be booked in similar hotel or higher category rooms where you need to pay the differences. Any date amendments in the air tickets will be considered as cancellation only and new tickets are issued under new applicable fare at the time of issuance of ticket and cancellation charges are applicable for the cancelled tickets as per airline policy. In case we are unable to get the confirmations then the deposited amount shall be refunded to the guest. Once given confirmation then full and final payment should be made either in cash or draft at the time when all the travel documents are delivered to the guest. For the packages which are booked under our Airline Group Packages the airline tickets might be delivered 2 days before the departure of the group.